It took me many years to understand I am a very visual person—almost everything I see is an image. Consequently I love manipulating words, type, images, creating tension on a page, understanding the hierarchy of information—but I am also very conscious that it is what is left out that makes a design clear, simple, and great! This is the task of the designer, to recognize what to eliminate, what to include. It is perhaps this philosophy that has been the driving force behind “Information Graphics”—the area of design in which I have spent most of my working life together with my husband, Jack.
I received my design education in England at Dartington College of the Arts, Kingston College of Art and The London College of Printing. Selected to come to the Walker Art Center in 1967 as a graphic designer was for me a huge step into the “unknown.” It was the start of a second life, leaving behind everything and everyone I knew. This was not easy but has proved to be an amazing experience—I am still here 50 years later!