Stained Glass 1963
I took my National Diploma of Design in Stained Glass at Kingston College of Art in the UK. This was a 4-year course. The first year of basic design was followed by a year when each term you could choose a studio to explore—I first explored interior design and then stained glass—electing Stained Glass to specialize in for the next two years.
The diploma required large display boards of stained glass designs, a thesis, and an actual stained glass window (Abraham and the Lamb: 3' x 5,' lower right image). Parameters, all from biblical sources, were given for the final window.
After my diploma I could not imagine how I would ever make a living making stained glass windows. I loved the designing aspect and so I took a post-graduate year at Kingston where I explored graphic design, textiles and ceramics. This post-graduate year led to a second post-graduate year at The London College of Printing for graphic designers.